Find the best crypto projects and avoid scams

Access recommendations from the top crypto-influencers,
Avoid scams, and recommend your favorites crypto to your friends

Avoid crypto / DeFi scams

Nowadays online scams are everywhere: fake wallets, scammer websites, not genuine NFT, fraudulent exchanges… You name it!
Swearby delivers a solution to avoid cryptocurrency scams.

Find new crypto projects

Influencers will help you discover early-stage crypto projects while staying out of scams.
Through Swearby, follow advice from the top crypto influencers without giving more power to centralized social media platforms.

Find crypto, DEFI, and blockchain experts

Looking to find crypto fundamental analysis? Trying to find the best crypto influencer?
Install Swearby extension and seek guidance on new or existing projects.

How to use Swearby's anti-scam solution?

Install the Swearby web extension. Create your decentralized digital identity using Metamask. Then start to follow recommendations from the most influential persons in the cryptocurrency space.

How does this solution to avoid crypto scams work?

Using a decentralized network, influencers can create certified recommendations that you can follow if you wish.
It is also possible to simply recommend crypto to your friend!

At its core Swearby is a real web3 application where:

  • Data is decentralized through the ceramic network.
  • You own your identity (DID).
  • Only you can publish, update, or delete content in your name. You own your data.
  • We cannot restrict who is allowed to use it (censorship-resistant).
  • No token is required (it is totally free).
  • There are no hard dependencies on a centralized API controlled by one entity.
  • We have no Ads, nor algorithmic user manipulation bullshit!
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